Welcome to Phoenix House

After 38 years of service to the community, Phoenix House CLOSED at the end of May 2024.

Our therapists Sarah, Marie, and Olivia will continue to work in Henderson. You can contact them directly through their contact details on this website.
For couples counselling, or if you prefer a male counsellor, you can contact Charles Graty in Henderson on 021 568 170 or .
Ali Andrew has shifted to Albany – you can still contact her on 021 232 2701 or

Phoenix House was established in Waitakere City in 1986, the first private counselling and psychotherapy practice in West Auckland, founded on principles of professionalism and integrity.

For three decades we have worked as individual therapists in a team practice, which currently consists of four partners and a number of associates. Our sense of collegiality is very important to us and is the essence of the longevity of Phoenix House.

We continue to offer high quality professional counselling and psychotherapy not only for local residents but also for people of the greater Auckland region.

Phoenix House Therapists - click on the images to view individual profiles.

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